Leek Cohousing Limited has a company director from each household involved. Decisions are made by consensus, with all members having their say, though legal responsibility for the company lies with the directors.

Leek Cohousing currently has seven directors, six of whom will occupy our new development upon completion.

Leek Cohousing has several members with relevant professional skills to deliver the project, including an architect, town planner, green builder, and building company manager. Several other members of the group work in the arts or have associations with the arts.

All members of Leek Cohousing are actively participating in the design and development of the project, through client group workshops and individual consultations with relevant members of the professional design team.

Following the completion of its first project Leek Cohousing will encourage further cohousing developments and will help other cohousing proposals to get off the ground in the Leek area.